Asia-Pacific’s most exciting AI competition is back with a twist. Program your own AI to compete in an online multiplayer game for cash prizes, job opportunities at top companies, and more.
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What's the AI Sports Challenge?

The AI Sports Challenge is a fun online AI programming tournament. Participants program their own AI capable of autonomously competing in a multiplayer game against other teams. Top teams are featured on a live finale Twitch event and have a chance to win prizes, job opportunities, and more.


Cash prize pool
Top teams qualify to compete in the live finale Twitch stream for a slice of $$$'s in cash prizes.
Exclusive job opportunities
Get hired by world class companies and receive an invitation to our Talent Collective.
Digital certificate
Commemorate your participation with a verifiable digital certificate to put on your CV or LinkedIn.


Dates are tentative and subject to change. All dates are in AEST.
Please join our Discord for the latest announcements.
Free to participate. Sign up and join our Discord community to find a team.
Teams are provided with the game specifications and resources to build their AI.
It all ends here! Top teams are invited to compete in a live Twitch finale for the grand prize.
The game remains open in a free-for-all format for participants to learn and try new strategies.


Can I still participate if I'm not a student in Asia-Pacific?


Yes! You are encouraged to join, but you will may not be eligible for the cash prize pool. Separate prizing may be announced for non-students. You may still be eligible for hiring opportunities and digital certificates. Please stay tuned for announcements on our Discord.

How difficult will it be?


The competition is intended to be fairly challenging at a university student level. For beginners in programming, we'll provide you with a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started with building your first AI.

What will the game be?


The game will be a twist on our original 2-player Bomberman-like game called Bomberland. The new season will feature updated game rules and mechanics. These will be announced at the start of the competition. You can learn more about the previous season of Bomberland here.

How will the prize pool be distributed?


The prize pool will be distributed amongst the top 4 teams, with higher-ranking teams taking a larger cut.

What programming language can I use?


We'll be providing starter templates for Python 3. However, any setup that runs in a Linux docker container will work. The game communicates over websockets, so you'll be able to use any language as long as you are able to implement the communication layer in your language of choice (this is fairly advanced).

Do I need to know machine learning?


No, this challenge is all about your programming, problem solving, game theory, and analytical thinking skills. We've found previous submissions to be a mix of algorithmic as well as ML-based approaches. But if you've already got some skills in ML and think you can apply them in this challenge - go ahead!

Do I need a team?


We generally use the word 'team' to mean any 1 - 5 participants entering the tournament together. You absolutely can join the tournament on your own. All prizes are split between the 'team'. Once you join the community Discord group, you can use the 'looking-for-team' channel to find other people who want to team up.

What participants are saying

"Some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. It’s been insanely difficult to find hackathons of this quality and calibre"
"We actually cheered when our bot was making wins and we dreamed of being in the finals."
"It’s incredibly rare to see a challenge with the same level of production quality as what you had. It really set you apart."

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