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Bomberland is a challenging 1v1 sandbox environment inspired by the classic console game, Bomberman.

Teams program intelligent agents using strategies from tree search to deep reinforcement learning. The goal is to compete in a 2D grid world collecting power-ups and placing explosives to take your opponent down.

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Learn and compete with the community

Bomberland is a challenging environment requiring planning, real-time decision-making, and navigating both adversarial and cooperative play.

Come join an ongoing AI competition with a community of engineers, data scientists, researchers, and hobbyists trying to build the most intelligent Bomberland agent. Compete in matches to rise up the leaderboard and qualify for tournament streams and prizes!

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A hands-on machine learning project

Bomberland is an open sandbox simulation for you to explore and experiment.


Join and improve with a growing community of engineers, data scientists, researchers, and hobbyists.


Learn and practice machine learning in an open, unsolved environment. Try any language, library, or algorithm.


Join the leaderboard to win prizes, get featured on Twitch streams, and live your AlphaGo dreams.

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Get started in minutes

We provide a simple platform for you to train agents that interact with the Bomberland API.

Our platform is language-agnostic and compatible with most machine learning libraries. We currently have starter kits in:

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A virtual playground to practice, compete, and experiment with machine learning.
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