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20+ Active machine learning and data science communities

August 18, 2021 • Joy Zhang • Resources • 2 minutes

20+ Active machine learning and data science communities

Whether you're a beginner or veteran in machine learning and data science, you might be interested in a place to ask questions, share projects, or join discussions on the latest developments.

There are many great communities out there for this, but it can be difficult to choose which one (and some may no longer be active or well-maintained).

To help you, I've compiled an up-to-date list of 20+ active machine learning and data science communities grouped by platform.

1. Reddit

Reddit is a powerhouse for many active forums dedicated to all areas across AI, machine learning, and data science.

Here's a list:

If you're just getting started, I recommend checking out r/learnmachinelearning. It's a welcoming community for sharing beginner questions, projects, and resources (they also have a Discord server).

With over 2 million members, r/machinelearning will likely be your go-to. It's more heavily moderated than the other subreddits, but you'll be sure to find all the latest important news, research papers, and discussions here (you might even bump into industry veterans like @hardmaru).

2. Discord

Discord is an instant messaging platform with private servers that anyone can join using an invite link.

r/learnmachinelearning (7K+ members): a complimentary server for the subreddit community, with dedicated channels for sharing projects, asking questions, and studying popular MOOC courses together.

Learn AI together (16K+ members): the largest Discord community dedicated to AI with a heap of great resources to check out. You'll find discussion topics for anything from memes to AGI here.

Fundamentals of ML (2K+ members): dedicated to those particularly interested in the theory and math behind ML, but also for general ML discussion, projects, and questions.

Data Science (12K+ members): a community of data science professionals and enthusiasts.

The Data Share (6K+ members): a community-driven server moderated by part of team from Towards Data Science.

3. Facebook

Facebook groups can be another way to meet others in the field. Here's some of the largest and most active groups:

Data Mining / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (130K+ members): an open group for discussing and sharing information across the general areas of data and AI.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (170K+ members): a private beginner-friendly group for people to share resources and learnings.

Global Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (20K+ members): a private group for data scientists, investors, researchers, and corporates to discuss the latest in AI.

4. Other platforms

Kaggle is a well-known data science competition platform. It boasts a community of over 5 million users, where you can compete and share data sets and projects (in the form of notebooks).

The Machine Learning and Data Science LinkedIn group is a community of professionals interested in the space. This includes engineers, data scientists, recruiters, business leaders, and more. It might be particularly worth checking out if you are looking to network or find a new role.


There are plenty of great communities out there to explore whether you're a beginner or an industry veteran. I hope this list helps you find a community to learn and connect with!

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