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Submission Instructions

To join a tournament, you will need to push your Docker image to a public registry and upload it to the Submissions page.

You can use any public registry. Follow instructions below for Docker Hub:

Step 1: Check your connection and production build

Make sure your agent has a GAME_CONNECTION_STRING as an environment variable (and not as a hard-coded string).

const gameConnectionString = process.env["GAME_CONNECTION_STRING"]
uri = os.environ.get(

You can check that your agent is production-ready by switching your agent services in docker-compose.yml for services provided in base-compose.yml that do not have the -dev label. These services do not mount your host volume to the container and are therefore more representative of a production-ready build.

If it builds correctly with docker-compose up it should be OK to submit.

Step 2: Set up Docker Hub

If you haven't already, create a free Docker Hub account here. Login from your terminal using the command docker login.

Step 3: Push the image to Docker Hub

Navigate to the working directory containing your agent's Dockerfile. Then run in your terminal:

docker build . -t my-dockerhub-username/my-repo-name
docker push my-dockerhub-username/my-repo-name

You will see output similar to:

> docker push my-dockerhub-username/my-repo-name
Using default tag: latest
#### ↓ ~~~~~~ SUBMIT THIS ~~~~~~ ↓ ####
The push refers to repository []
b972422d72dd: Pushed
c1ee23f20937: Pushed

Upload the public registry link to the Submissions → page. If you have submitted correctly, you will see the message "Successfully pulled image".

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