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Bomberland: a new multi-agent artificial intelligence competition

November 29, 2021 • Joy Zhang • Updates • 2 minutes

Bomberland: a new multi-agent artificial intelligence competition

Welcome to Bomberland

Bomberland is a new multi-agent AI competition starting 3 December 2021. It features an adversarial environment inspired by the classic console game, Bomberman.

The goal is to program intelligent agents that compete in a 2D grid world, collecting powerups and placing explosives to takedown the opponent. Read more about the environment.

Bomberland preview

Bomberland is a challenging problem for out-of-the-box machine learning algorithms. Be prepared to manage real-time decision making, planning, game theory, and both adversarial and cooperative play.

Why Bomberland?

We created Bomberland as a place for the community to experiment and compete with the latest cutting edge technologies from tree search algorithms to deep reinforcement learning.

You should check it out if:

  • You're looking for a challenging hands-on ML project
  • You're looking for a place to try out new technologies and algorithms
  • You've been fascinated by the work of companies like DeepMind and OpenAI

Competition format

The first Bomberland competition season will run between 3rd December 2021 to 27th March 2022 UTC. Individuals can participate in teams between one and five members total.

During the competition, teams can submit agents to compete against others:

  • Submissions will receive a Trueskill rating and be ranked on the global leaderboard.
  • The leaderboard will be run weekly. Entries should be made by 11.59PM Fridays UTC to be considered for the following week's leaderboard update.
  • Teams will receive replay logs from all matches.

There are currently two tournaments planned with individual rewards and livestreams.

Mid-season tournament

Entry deadline: 11.59PM 28th January, 2022 UTC

Qualifying teams: Top 4 on the Leaderboard

Tournament format: Single elimination (best of 5)

Prizes: Custom apparel for the first placed team.

Stream date: 6 A.M. 30th January, 2022 UTC on Twitch

Season finale tournament

Entry deadline: 11.59PM 20th March, 2022 UTC

Qualifying teams: Top 8 on the Leaderboard

Tournament format:

  • Qualified teams will be given until 11.59PM 25th March 2022 UTC to make any final amendments to their Entry.
  • Final Entries will be played in a double elimination bracket format (best of 5).

Prizes: Cash prizes allocated as below.

Final placementPrize (USD)

Stream date: 6 A.M. 27th March, 2022 UTC on Twitch

AI Sports Challenge Live Stream

The future

Unlike other short-form AI competitions, Bomberland will remain available following the end of the season. We plan to support an ongoing leaderboard and matchmaking system. Stay tuned for more roadmap announcements.

Bomberland is part of our larger goal to make the world's most interesting challenges accessible. We're focused on building out the right tools and infrastructure to support the community in progressively pushing the state of the art.

Join us for Bomberland

The Bomberland competition is now live!

Make your agent submission in the form of a container image using any programming language, framework, or library.

Participants have access to a forward model simulator, environment binary (no need to reimplement the world model), and full replay logs.

We have starter kits in Python and TypeScript to help you get started. Thanks to the community, this now also includes Go and C++.

The competition will take place on the Coder One platform. During the competition, expect new features, bug fixes, and improvements each week. We'd love to hear your feedback and encourage any starter kit contributions!

To get started:

  1. Check out the starter kits
  2. Create an account
  3. Join our Discord
  4. View the Official Rules

Good luck!

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