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Environment overview

In Bomberland you control a team of wizards or knights navigating an abandoned dungeon filled with traps. Your goal is to take down your opponent's units and be the last team left standing.

Bomberland environment


Bomberland is played by 2 agents. Each agent controls 3 individual units.

On each game tick, an agent can send at most 1 action to each unit. Additional actions sent during a game tick will be dropped by the game server.

  • Each unit starts with 3 HP.
  • A unit loses 1 HP each time it is struck by an exploding bomb or fire.
  • After being hit, units will have an invulnerability period of 5 ticks.
  • When a unit loses all its HP, it is considered a dead unit and can no longer send actions.

When an agent loses all its units, it's game over. The team with at least one unit left alive is crowned the winner.

If the last remaining units of both Agents reach 0 HP on the same game tick, the game will be considered a tie.


The game takes place on a 15x15 grid as shown below: Grid system


The game server ticks every 100 ms.

On each game tick, the game server will accept one of the following actions from a unit:

  • Move in a cardinal direction (up ⬆️, left ⬅️, down ⬇️, right ➡️)
  • Place a bomb 💣
  • Detonate a bomb 💥

Units can only move to empty tiles. Actions are resolved in the order listed here.

Note (ver. 1486+): If both units try to move to the same empty tile on the same tick, the game engine will drop both actions and neither unit will move.

Check 🕹️ Action Packets for documentation on sending actions.

Remote Bombs


  • Each unit starts the game with 3 ammunition.
  • Placing a bomb costs 1 ammunition.

Remote detonation

  • Bombs can be remotely detonated at any time ≥ 5 ticks after being placed.
  • Bombs will automatically explode 40 ticks after they've been placed.

Detonation behavior

  • A detonating bomb hits any units or blocks with a (starting) blast diameter of 3 tiles (i.e. an explosion will spawn on the current location of the bomb, and to the bottom, top, left, and right of it).
  • A blast will last for 10 ticks. During this time, units passing through an explosion will take 1 HP of damage (unless they are invulnerable).
  • Bombs can also detonate early if they are hit by a neighboring exploding bomb.

Environment Entities

There are 3 types of blocks in the game:

  1. Wooden blocks - can be destroyed by a bomb with 1 hit.
  2. Ore blocks - can be destroyed by bombs in 3 hits.
  3. Metal blocks - indestructible (except by end-game fire).

Image depicting environment entities: wooden blocks, ore blocks and metal blocks

There are 2 types of items that will spawn randomly during the game:

  1. Ammunition - Gives +1 ammunition to place a bomb.
  2. Powerup: Extends bomb blast radius by 1 unit in each direction.

Image depicting environment pickups

  • Pickups will perish after 40 ticks, or if hit by an explosion or end-game fire.
  • Pickups have a 2.5% chance of spawning somewhere on the map for each tick. If a pickup spawns, there is a 90% probability of it being ammo, and 10% for a powerup.

Ring of Fire

After 300 ticks, the map will start to gradually fill up with flames.

Image showing the end game ring of fire

Getting hit by flames will incur 1 HP of damage (unless invulnerable).

End-game fire behavior

  • Fire starts in the top-left and bottom-right corners of the map.
  • Fire spawns in a spiral towards the center of the map (starting along the horizontal axis).
  • Fire spawns every 2 ticks.
  • Fire instantly destroys all blocks and pickups and detonates bombs.
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