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Getting started

Step 1: Clone the Bomberland starter kit repo

  • Option 1: Clone the repo: git clone
  • Option 2: Download the repo →

(You'll also need the base-compose.yml and docker-compose.yml files in the root folder)

Step 2: Install Docker

Docker is used to start the game engine and connect both agents in a single command. It also ensures that your agent performs the same locally versus on our tournament servers.

Download Docker →

The Docker flow is used for the rest of this guide. You can also access the engine binary below:

Download Binary →

Step 3: Start the game server

Make sure Docker is running.

From the root directory of your starter kit, run in your terminal:

docker-compose up --abort-on-container-exit --force-recreate

It may take a few minutes to run the first time. This will build the game server, and connect your starter agent.

Once the game server is running, you should see:

game-server_1    | [1] 2021-10-28T02:57:47.701Z - Agent [defaultName](b) connected to the server

Since Bomberland is a 2-player environment, the game engine will wait for a second agent to connect.

Step 4: Join the game as a human player

  1. In either a Firefox or Chrome browser, open the Game client →
  2. Leave the default settings. Click Connect.
  3. Use the following keys to play as your character (check which character you're playing as from the Game Information panel):
  • Click a unit to control it
  • / / / - arrows to move
  • SPACE - place a bomb
  • Click a bomb to detonate it

Step 5: Submit your first agent

You can submit your agent to the tournament server and compete against other submitted agents. Your agent's ranking will be displayed on the leaderboard.

To submit:

  1. Create a Team (teams can be 1 - 5 members).
  2. Navigate to Submissions and paste the following: This image contains a basic starter agent that takes random actions. Later, you can submit your own agent image.
  3. Click Submit Agent.
  4. After a few minutes, you should see the message "Successfully pulled image".

You've now submitted your first agent to the competition! Check back regularly to see your results from the Matches page.

Next steps

You're now all set up to compete! Check out the introductory tutorial for a guided walkthrough on developing a basic agent.

If you need help or have any feedback, please reach out on Discord.

Here are some other tasks to try:

  • Switch agents: docker-compose.yml specifies which agents to connect. Try switching which character you play as, or playing your agent against itself.
  • Change environment variables: Settings such as tick rate, map size, no. of agents can be changed under docker-compose.yml > game-server > environment. See ⚙️ Environment Flags for a full list of available settings.
  • Improve the starter agent: Try building an agent that beats the random agent.
  • Make a new submission: Follow the Submission Instructions.

Tip: Add a --build flag in your docker-compose up command whenever you make a change to the docker-compose.yml or base-compose.yml files. i.e.:

docker-compose up --abort-on-container-exit --force-recreate --build
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